You have a responsibility as pedestrian

You Have A Responsibility As Pedestrian

Don’t you find it difficult to cross a busy street? Certainly, you would be in a vulnerable position while crossing the streets as there is a high chance of meeting with an accident. Within a fraction of second anything can happen if you are not attentive enough on the road.

We can’t blame the drivers for the accidents always, as there are pedestrians who, too, are responsible for the tragic incidents. It is the responsibility of both drivers and pedestrians to follow traffic rules and ensure individual safety.

Reasons for road accidents

One of the most common reasons for accidents on roads is distraction. Often distracted drivers hit the pedestrians leading to a tragic incident. Whenever the driver’s attention gets diverted, there is a high probability of meeting with an accident.

Ignoring the speed limit and driving without any precautionary measure can also lead to car accidents. Often drivers on the highway don’t bother to maintain the speed limit and as it rightly says, “speed kills”, one doesn’t get enough time to react after meeting with an accident.

Have you ever gotten drunk before driving? Well, this is one of the leading causes of car accidents in India. It not only puts your life in risk, but also threatens the life of your co-passengers. It is -extremely dangerous to drive a vehicle after consuming alcohol, as you -may feel dizzy and won’t be able to focus on the road.

Pedestrians offering a helping hand to road accident victims

As a – pedestrian you have certain responsibilities to perform whenever you find an accident victim. Here are a few important things to do:

  • Stay calm and try to soothe the victims. Take rational decisions and help them breath in fresh air by preventing over-crowding.
  • Dial the ambulance and police helplines and seek -assistance. Give them the exact details of the location so that they can reach the spot as soon as possible.
  • Try to take help from other people around you. Make an attempt to stop cars and ask for help. If possible, consider taking the victims to the hospital instead of waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

Being a pedestrian, you should also be conscientious -towards maintaining road safety. Hence, be a responsible citizen and follow all the traffic rules.

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