Why we need organ donation in India?

Why we Need Organ Donation In India?

India has always been on the backfoot where organ donation is concerned. Approximately 5 lakh individuals encounter death due to inadequate availability of donor organs in the country. Almost 2.2 lakh patients require kidney transplants every year in India. Only 15,000 of such patients are lucky enough the get donor kidneys. Liver disease kills almost 1 lakh annually and around 1000 such patients have access to a liver transplant.

In spite of the fact that a single organ donor can save up to nine lives, the issue of organ donation is still neglected in India. Let us take a look at the reason why people in India are hesitant towards organ donation:

1. Lack of Family Consent

A patient may be declared brain dead, but the heart continues to beat, and the body remains warm. Under such circumstances, it is difficult for the family to accept the inevitable as many confuse brain dead with a coma. Therefore, families hope for a revival. However, brain dead is irreversible even though the organs keep functioning. However, without the family’s consent, donation of organs cannot proceed that can end up saving someone’s life.

2. Superstitions and Misconceptions

There are several myths such as “if I donate my organs I may be born without a kidney or liver in my next birth” or misconceptions like “it is expensive to donate an organ”. These superstitions and misconceptions prevent many people not to pledge towards organ donation.

3. Lack of Education and Awareness

Organ donation becomes a tedious task as there a not enough education or awareness about the entire concept. Doctors too at times are not fully aware of the guidelines that will assist them in executive an organ donation. This too leads many families unable to take the right decision when a patient is brain-dead.
Only 301 hospitals in India are able to perform organ transplantations. This implies that there is one hospital per 43 lakh of the Indian population. The inadequate infrastructure too adds to the inconvenience of organ donation in the country.

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