Things you should not do when driving in the Rain

Things you Should Not Do When Driving In The Rain

Is it raining heavily, and you have – plans to go out? If you are not comfortable about driving in the rain, just postpone the trip. Wait till the weather gets pleasant, and then enjoy a -road trip.

But, if it’s an emergency and you do not have the luxury to postpone it, make sure you do the following –

  • Don’t make use of cruise control: It is the feature that is usually used in dry conditions. Cruise control can be dangerous in wet conditions. If you find that there is a probability of rain, it is suggested to turn off – cruise control option and -pay attention to the road ahead.


  • Don’t turn off the headlights: According to the traffic guidelines of – the majority of Indian states, it’s a must to turn on the headlights after a certain time of the day. Headlights can help you get – better visibility on the road, and hence, make it a point to keep them turned on.


  • Check the necessary equipment – Check the headlights, windshield, wipers, and tail lights and make sure that each one of them is in good functionable condition. Also check the tyres as bald tyres have less traction on wet roads.


  • Do not speed up – Do you have a strong inclination towards speeding? It is a wrong thing to do when the road is wet and slippery. The faster your vehicle is, the harder it is for the -wheels to -find sustainable traction on the road. So, slow driving is always recommended when it’s raining. Fast driving on the road might lead to hydroplaning, as a result of which a layer of water gets built up between the wheels and the road, and the vehicle fails to respond to the control inputs due to loss of traction.


  • Make use of the fog light wisely – During heavy rains, the visibility is often reduced. Consider turning on the fog lights at this point as this would help you have a better view of the road.

These are a few things that you need to keep in mind while driving on a rainy day.

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