Measure taken to reduce road accident

Measures Taken To Reduce Road Accidents

In this age of speed, most of us are after high speed wi-fi, fast services and preferences for quick commuting. While the first two do not result in fatal situations, the same cannot be said for fast commuting options. Speed in this case is not a luxury but a life-threatening alternative in comparison to commuting safely.

The most common causes of road accidents in India are:

  • Drunk driving
  • Mobile phone usage during driving or walking on the road
  • Not following traffic rules
  • Speeding

In India, more than 75,000 road accidents occurred in 2017 alone between the months of January and July. For anyone who travels frequently, these numbers can be scary.

Measures Taken to Reduce Road Accidents

The Government has taken measures to bring these numbers down and the latter part of 2017 saw a drop by 4% in road accidents in comparison to 2016 figures. The following are the measures that were taken to reduce road accidents in the country:

#1 Strict Rules:

To improve on the road-safety for commuted, the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 underwent several amendments. This also included being able to obtain learner and driver’s licences through an automated process. The Government has greatly emphasised on the importance of motor insurance. Failing to adhere to these guidelines and regulation may result in heavy fines, penalties and/or imprisonment.

#2 Heavy Fines:

Heavy fines are now being imposed on those who violate traffic rules. The penalties have now been doubled for an offence. The driver’s license may be confiscated if the individual is a repeat offender.

#3 Use of Speed Detection Devices:

Speeding is arguably the top reason for road accidents in India. High impact collision between vehicles can result in fatalities both the driver and the passengers. Therefore, speed detection devices have been put up in various points that acts a deterrent to those who are prone to speeding on roads.


It is difficult for the police force alone to curb road accidents in a country with a population of a billion. Therefore, by taking these measures, following traffic rules, there is a ray of hope that road accident number is minimize in the near future.

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