Joint replacement myths and taboos

Joint Replacements Myths And Taboos.

Old age comes with a lot of ailments and many of them have found a suitable cure in the medical industry. Arthritis is one of the major nightmares for old age people; but, advancements in the Indian medical facilities has made it possible to give the old aged a new life again with procedures like Knee and hip joint replacements that is the most effected by arthritis. It is a blessing to be able to lead a normal life, a pain free life after joint replacements. Surgical procedures are followed as the last line of treatment for arthritis affected knee and hip joints, where medications and physical therapy fail to improve the condition.


Why is a joint replacement needed?


Joints are required to be replaced when they are damaged due to:

  • Arthritis
  • Years of use
  • Disease



A joint replacement is done to remove the damaged part of the organ and replace with a prosthesis for regaining normal movement of the knee and hip. Many of us believe that a surgery equals pain or surgery is the last resort to this ailment or a surgery will only last for a few years!! These myths are common and restrict a lot of people from undergoing a life changing surgery. Let us have a look at these common myths and know the facts on the counterpart.

  1. What you think: Joint replacements will last for 10 years only.
  2. A doctor’s take: This is a myth in the present scenario. Technology has improved and with better parts available for replacement, one can expect a life of 20 years or more.
  3. What you think: Join replacement is the last resort to end the chronic pain.

A doctor’s take: Medications, physical exercises and other conservative methods have always been the best initial approach for people suffering from joint pains. An increase to an extent where the pain affects mobility requires a surgery.

  1. What you think: Recovery time is very long.
  2. A doctor’s take: It is an affair of 1-2 days now. Although the recovery takes place in stages, patients can go home in 2 days. Short term recovery takes 4-6 weeks and a total movement and function might take 6 months or less.
  3. What you think: Joint replacement is for the old aged ONLY.
  4. A doctor’s take: Many young people are undergoing surgery before “60 years”. A bad arthritis or an injured hip or knee due to physical activities or sports might require an early replacement which is totally normal.
  5. What you think: There are greater consequences if surgery is delayed.

A doctor’s take: It is not the age that should be considered for deciding on a surgery; it is the medical health. If you have a chronic pain or a deformity and situation is worsening, a surgery should be performed earlier without a delay.

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