Children need a Safety Hand on the Road

Children Need A Safety Hand on the Road

Is it not important to look after the safety of our children while walking on the roads? Children are our priority always and taking care of them is -our primary responsibility -. As your children grow up, it is essential to make them aware of the traffic rules so that they can reach their destinations safely.

Traffic accidents can lead to serious injuries or -can even claim their lives. Therefore, taking precautionary measures beforehand is always beneficial.

Remember! No playing on the footpath or the road

Never encourage your child to play on the road or the footpath. Playing while crossing the roads or walking can distract a child and -can be the cause of a major – accident. Even though bicycle racing is a tempting act, ask your child to avoid getting involved in- such activities as there is a probability of meeting – with accident.


Teach your children to follow the safety rules while walking on the road. The road crossing process includes four major steps – STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK.

  • STOP and take a step back
  • LOOK at the road to find the approaching traffic
  • LISTEN to the honking of vehicles
  • THINK wisely before crossing the road

Make sure you cross the road when it is clear. Always check both sides of the road and -check -the traffic signals, as that would ensure safety.

Few road safety tips for children

  • As a kid, it is important to identify the colors of the traffic signal and learn what it indicates. The green light means “go” and the red one means “stop” for vehicles. Whenever the “walking man” signal turns green, pedestrians should cross the road.
  • Always make use of the footpath. Though using shortcuts is tempting, it is not quite a safe option.
  • Children under the age of 14 must be assisted by an adult while crossing roads.

Young children should learn the technique of raising their arm while crossing the road. This helps increase their visibility. Walk on the sidewalks whenever possible to avoid any kind of accidents and keep a close eye on every movement of your children, as this would help ensure maximum possible safety for them.

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